Taking the fear out of school

Talk About It is an application that is working toward reducing bullying and problems plaguing K-12 children in school today.

How the application works: if someone at school witnesses bullying or a problem at school, he/she has the ability to notify an administrator, counsellor, or other authority figure of the issue.

From here, the person notified of the problem can take action and possibly prevent further torment or disruption.

With the focus on children grades 4-12, issues vary greatly from teasing at school to problems at home.

The ten most reported problems are:

1. Bullying

2. Stress

3. Family Problems

4. Depression

5. Fighting

6. Peer Pressure

7. Drugs

8. Cutting/Self-Injury

9. Cheating on Schoolwork

10. Sexual Harassment

Talk About It Anonymous Help is working toward reducing these issues so that children can go to school and focus on school, not the fear that often comes with it.


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