Burlington Schools investigate alleged bullying video


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Burlington Community School District officials say they, and police, are investigating a video that appears to depict bullying.

The video, circulating online, shows one person who appears to be the target of three others.  In about 3.5 minutes, the apparent confrontation escalates from taunting over a hat to shoving, tripping and punching.  The victim loses a shoe during the altercation and later appears to try to fight off three attackers.

In the audio portion of the clip it appears the person behind the camera laughs at several points during the attack.

Unconfirmed claims online indicate it all happened near the Burlington School District administrative building.

A post on the district’s Facebook page indicated the attack happened over the weekend of November 2-3, 2013.

Police later confirmed the alleged bullies were in juvenile custody by Tuesday, November 5.

The Facebook post said the district has identified the attackers…

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